2012 Flower Show Miniature Results, Indoor

Thanks to Deb Mackie for documenting so beautifully our Miniature Setting class this year (and every year!). These photos are hers and she also organized all the info posted with them.

Indoor Category: 1st Place, Best in Show
Title: Taking the Plunge
Exhibitor Info: Irene Sobotincic
Phoenixville, PA
Intent: Vacationing in Hawaii? Discover Scuba! Coral reefs, shipwrecks, sea live and great visibility await you. Our dive shop trains and certifies you for all types of diving experiences from basic to advanced. Connect with nature in our tropical paradise and turn and ordinary vacation into the experience of a lifetime!
Judges comments: Pristine. Perfect interpretation of intent, with superb horticulture.
Indoor Category: 2nd Place (tie)
Title: Painting in Paradise
Exhibitor Info: Ron and Katy Hoess
Chadds Ford, PA
Intent: Having established himself as an up and coming artist in NYC Soho’s loft district, he now realizes his dream of painting in the lush, colorful and verdant paradise that is Hawaii.
Judges comments: Crisp clean presentation. Gardens difficult to see.
Indoor Category: 2nd Place (tie)
Title: Museum of Hawaiian Plant Lore
Exhibitor Info: Louise Krasniewicz
Bryn Mawr, PA
Intent: For Hawaiians, plants are resources for medicines, food, baskets, cordage, bowls, canoes, bark cloth, and ritual objects. But plants are also the physical manifestation (Kinolau) of the many different gods who inhabit daily life. When Kapu (Tabu) is violated in this museum, should the famous Honolulu detective take the case?
Judges comments: Exquisite plant material. Very imaginative. Love the music! Tilted cabinet a slight distraction.
Indoor Category: 3rd Place (tie)
Title: The Housewives of Honolulu
Exhibitor Info: Pamela Goldman
Rye, NY
Intent: Although from diverse backgrounds, the ladies still manage to meet for cocktails. Taking time off from their individual fights for survival, they enjoy cool breezes from their ocean front lanai. Our indigenous gals differ from their mainland sisters, as they do take time “to smell the pineapples.”
Judges comments: Grand flight of fantasy—sure is fun! Overabundance of accessories undermines presentation.
Indoor Category: 3rd Place (tie)
Title: Snowy Philadelphia Inspires Hawaiian Dreams
Exhibitor Info: Beverly Sue Palaia
Intent: Outside in snowy Philadelphia, winter is cold and icy and our thoughts drift to warm sunshine and sparkling beaches. Travel arrangements make dreams come true inside PHS Travel Agency where the winter sale of “Hawaiian Adventure” is warm and festive and filled with the promise of escape.
Judges comments: Great attention to detail. The intent is confused.
Indoor Category: Honorable Mention
Title: A Pirate Turns 60
Exhibitor Info: Jim and Jeannie Francis, Jon McCleary
Cinnaminson, NJ
Intent: Tucked away in a corner of Ke’e beach rests a little rental shop. The owner was a buccaneer of the corporate world on the mainland who ran away to watch sunsets in paradise.
Judges comments: Intent well carried out. Dim lighting hinders presentation.

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