2012 Flower Show Miniature Results, Outdoor

Thanks to Deb Mackie for documenting so beautifully our Miniature Setting class this year (and every year!). These photos are hers and she also organized all the info posted with them.

Outdoor Category: 1st Place
Title: Bloody Mary
Exhibitor Info: Deb & Jim Mackie
Elkton, MD
Intent: “Bloody Mary is the girl I love, now ain’t that too damn bad!” sing the Seabees in Rogers & Hammerstein’s “South Pacific.” Juanita Hall immortalized the colorful Tonkinese seller of curious goods with the haunting song “Bali Ha’I” in the 1958 movie, filmed on the island of Kaua’i.
Judges comments: Masterful in every category.
Outdoor Category: 2nd Place (tie)
Title: Shoveling to Paradise
Exhibitor Info: CKP (Craig Peterson & Karen Richards)
Chadds Ford, PA
Intent: During a long harsh winter storm dropping a crazy amount of snow, Craig stays motivated to continue clearing off the walk by imagining paradise is just a few feet away. Sunny beaches, a shady hammock and a frosty drink with a little umbrella were calling his name.
Judges comments: Imaginative concept. Ivy out of scale.
Outdoor Category: 2nd Place (tie)
Title: Shipwrecked in Paradise
Exhibitor Info: Nancy and Paul Hannum, 
Norristown Garden Club
Eagleville, PA
Intent: When they took to the boars in the storm, I couldn’t leave her. Doom filled the night as she drifted before the gale, then broke on the reef. Incredibly, I washed up here where life is easy and the Natives are friendly. Rescue may never come. Who cares? Imagine that.
Judges comments: Amazing craftsmanship. Foreground interrupts rhythm.
Outdoor Category: 3rd Place
Title: Doorway to Paradise Travel Agency
Exhibitor Info: Ron Smith
Philadelphia, PA
Intent: Snowy weather got you down? Just step through our doors and be transported, no fuss, no muss, to Hawaii’s world of endless summer, where there are hundreds of wonders to be enjoyed. You won’t believe how one small portion of the world could be so crammed with wonders.
Judges comments: Adventuresome use of plants. Lacks the lush feeling of Hawaii.
Outdoor Category: Honorable Mention
Title: Wai
Exhibitor Info: The Siblings (Anna Marie Amey)
Wynnewood, PA
Intent: In the valley sits a small park with an amazing view! Where water, wai, cascades over cliffs of lava into a smooth lake. The perfect place for swimming. Ringing laughter and the smell of roasting food fills the air as the tables are set for the luau.
Judges comments: Mysterious mood created. Scale of plants leaves imbalance.

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