An Albino Avocado

This is a possible plant for my 2013 display. It is an albino avocado, grown from a seed I just placed in a windowbox. These is disagreement about whether a virus, stress on the plant, or planting an immature seed causes the loss of color. If it survives, it will be a cool plant to have in my display.


  1. Dr. K

    What I found out is that the albino avocado is the result of a virus that eventually kills the plant (mine has since died). I suspect the pink one have the same origin because if they are in the same pot as a normal one, then it is not something in the soil. I haven’t seen any pink ones but apparently the white ones are not very rare.

    1. Honour

      Hello again,

      THANK YOU for your kind reply.

      I don’t know if you are interested but the pink leaves are turning yellowish and green and then to mainly to green with only some light veins remaining. So far.

  2. Elizabeth vT

    The albinism of your avocado seedling is not due to a virus but rather attributed to the immaturity of the fruit when it was picked.

    It died because it had no chlorophyll so cannot photosynthesise and will never survive.

    The seedling can occasionally recover by growing from a shoot near the base which, for some reason has the correct genes.

    If your seedling was very pink it may have been due to a lack of light at first that it recovered from, once exposed to light.

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