Fat Fingers and Miniature Thingies

Keep in mind that I have dropped every single thing in my exhibit at least once, and most multiple times. So being nimble and, may I add, having good eyesight, are not essential for a successful miniature setting as long as you have the right tools.

1. Mounting wax

Nothing will stay in place when you transport these displays and, anyway, I am always bumping into things. So every little accessory has to be attached. I don’t use glue because it damages the objects. I use museum wax or (since I got my huge jar in California years ago) earthquake mounting wax. It can be a bit sticky to use (that is the whole point)  but wipes off nicely (I also use it to polish mini furniture and it gives a nice sheen to miniature floors). I wax everything but be aware that if you put it on paper objects it may not come off.

Mounting wax
Mounting wax

2. Long Tweezers

I can barely hold most of the finer miniatures because they are so tiny and delicate. So now I use crafts tweezers which are basically long tweezers with rubber tips. Very useful and won’t damage miniatures as long as you don’t squeeze hard. You can find them in the jewelry section of crafts stores or in the repair section of computer stores.


3. Time

It takes forever to put each one of these little things in place. To think I actually started working on this exhibit a year ago and I still don’t have enough time. Sigh!




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