Rik Pierce Workshop

Pam Goldman and I were students for 4 days in a workshop taught by Rik Pierce before the Philadelphia Miniaturia show .

First, a selfie with Pam and Rik (who is the most patient teacher I have ever met).


We were all building this structure: a medieval hunting folly with a greenhouse attached. Here is Rik’s description of it:

In the 17th and 18th centuries the Landed English would build their ideas of what  structures in the  Middle Ages looked like. Needless to say their interpretations could be rather fanciful. Our Hunting Lodge would be on a large estate and be used for visitors and guests. It is adorned with Gargoyles and carvings and sumptuously appointed and has a glass Conservatory .

The building should look like this when we are done (most of us did not finish it in 4 days). There was a lot of room for individual interpretations.

IMG_3453 copy
The Hunting Folly
IMG_0246 copy
Details of the exterior
IMG_0205 copy
First floor interior detail
IMG_0212 copy
Stone wall detail

The workshop was intense and we were always busy.

We learned a wide range of skills including making paper clay stone walls, wiring, painting techniques, flooring, aging walls and wood, and general construction techniques.

IMG_0202 copy
Learning to use paper clay to make stone walls
IMG_3451 copy
A wiring demonstration
IMG_0239 copy
Fitting the leaded glass window
IMG_0230 copy
Dirty water painting technique
IMG_0232 copy
Detail of wall painting
IMG_0227 copy
Construction techniques
IMG_0215 copy
Cleaning the grout lines

The other students in the class were always willing to share their knowledge and help out when someone got stuck.

IMG_0224 copy

Thanks to Rik Pierce and the participants in the workshop for a great time.

IMG_0263 copy
Class picture on Halloween


  1. Pamela goldman

    Rik’s class was just incredible. Anyone who has the opportunity to take a class with him…..DO IT!!!! Great class. Pamela goldman

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