Sheri, Ron, and Kathy Doing Outreach

The miniaturists who participate in the Miniature Settings classes are not only an amazing group of talented people but they also generously share their time and talents with others. Some do it here with step-by-step instructional posts (more of those to come) and some take their exhibits on the road and show them to their neighbors who could not get to the show. Soon after the 2014 show, first-time exhibitors Sheri Sullivan, Ron Sullivan, and Kathy Bright took their award winning exhibit to the Plush Mills Senior Living Community. They gave a talk about their project to the residents of Plush Mills and report that they had lots of questions and were very interested in the Matisse/Picasso scene. Here are some of their photos of the event as well as a reminder of what their excellent exhibit looked like.

photo 1 copy photo 2 copy photo 3 copy photo 4 copy kathysheriwindow copy

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