Lenox Pottery Miniature Models

I had the opportunity to visit Temple University’s Anthropology lab this week for an event honoring the retirement of the Lab’s director, Muriel Kirkpatrick. She had on display several of the models created in the 1930s to illustrate the processes of fine chinaware  manufacture at the Lenox factory in New Jersey. They are not generally on view so it was a delight to see them. They are slightly larger than 1 inch scale and they all have figures made of wax. The most remarkable thing about several of them, besides the nice use of scale, is how they blend foreground models with the painted background. There are several displays that have partial 3D figures embedded into the back wall, creating a seamless transition from front to back. Very impressive.

Overall size, 24 inches wide, only 8 inches deep
Th sense of depth is created by having partial figures embedded in the back wall.
Scale is slightly larger than 1/12th scale.




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