Fabulous Singapore

We have arrived, unpacked, and set up our miniature exhibits for the opening today of the 2014 Singapore Garden Festival. We have had the most amazing support and help from the staff here as we have worked through the logistics of getting these mini gardens looking good. Many, many thanks to the highly competent and friendly staff of the festival who have made our work so much easier and pleasant.A few images of our setup; the final gardens look better than they did in Philadelphia, in great part because of the fabulous plants chosen for us by Dr. Wilson Wong of the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Deb and Nancy unpack one of our huge shipping crates.
Wilson Wong selected excellent miniature plants for us.
Just a few of the miniature plants we had to play with.
So happy the birds made it intact.
Deb begins construction on one of her exhibits.
Adding the details.
Adding the plants.
Nancy adds accessories to hers.
Wilson visits to watch the progress.
Deb surprises him by using several plants that are considered weeds in Singapore!
Nancy also used the “weeds” to great effect.
Some of the succulents and Tillandsia I used.


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