The Bryn Mawr Film Institute generously provided the Miniature Settings exhibits at the 2015 Flower Show with film posters to illustrate our exhibits. Now, BMFI is showing 4 of our Miniature Settings to the delight of their visitors. I have three of my previous exhibits (Harry Potter’s Greenhouse, Rear Window, and The Birds) on exhibit and Hillary Lee has her exhibit of The Music Man. Thanks BMFI for giving an extended life to our work!

BMFI on Lancaster Ave in Bryn Mawr
Hillary Lee’s exhibit of The Music Man in at the front entrance.
Inside, a large display window holds my three exhibits.
Harry Potter is on the side.
All the live plants were replaced with artificial plants made of clay, plastic, fabric, and real dried materials.
Rear Window still has some tiny live succulents which don’t need any water. The other plants are dried, plastic, and fabric. The amazing fire escapes were hand crafted by Ron Hoess.


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