Lost and Found

My new miniature photo series uses found objects in public places combined with miniature figures. To prove that I do not set these up, I share these two images. It really is challenging and fun to have to use objects you come across. Finding these sunglasses set up on the beach was perfect for my series using this seated woman with sunglasses.


    1. Dr. K

      I know there are many people who have a long history of viewing and enjoying the Miniature Settings. I hope someday that earlier quality can be brought back.

  1. Nancy Woodrow

    I can remember one miniature in particular. Not sure what year it was. It was a setting under some kind of bleachers…maybe a hobo camp or something, but under a bleacher or some type of wood trestle…unbelievable.

    1. Dr. K

      That was before my time but I have found lots of pictures of the older exhibits (going back to the 1970s) and they were amazing. The artists really took their work seriously.

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