WEE#RESIST miniature political art

I am thrilled to announce that a show of miniature political art that I am guest curating will be opening soon at Darren Scala’s wonderful gallery and store in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY. You can see details of the show at Darren’s website: DThomasFineMiniatures.com. The opening reception will be Sunday, June 18th from 1-5pm.

I will be highlighting works in the show as the date comes closer but today I want to show three pieces that I have developed that use a Donald Trump model developed by FCTRY, a group of artists in Brooklyn who have made fantastic action figures of political figures. I am not in any way connected to them or supported by them but I purchased several of their Trump action figures because they were perfectly proportioned and had removable hair.

In several of the following pieces, I replaced the plastic hair with flaming Trump hair, a theme through many of my works in WEE#RESIST. Here is a preview of the works.

Infinite Regress: or, What Does Donald Trump See in the Mirror of Erised?
Pocket Constitution
The Boy King



  1. David Sachar

    Dear Dr. K., as head of the Artistic Liaison Program at IGMA, with a mission of promoting the role of miniatures in the wider worlds of arts, history, and culture, I would be keenly interested to have a dialogue with you about the broader goals and implications of your most innovative WEE RESIST project. Political cartoons have been around for centuries, but political miniaturia seem to be something new. How might we pursue a further conversation that could possibly be highlighted in an Artistic Liaison column in The CUBE? Respectfully, –David Sachar, M.D., FACP, MACG, AGAF

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