Miniature art, small art, can have a big impact. One of the main reasons for this is because miniature art is hard to resist. It is easy in a museum of large paintings and sculptures to miss so many works because they all demand equal attention. But miniature works make you look: they draw you in and reward your attention. You have to get close and “enter” the works to get anything out of them.

And so the “WEE#RESIST” exhibit at Darren Scala’s gallery in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, offers in a tiny space some big ideas that can get lost in larger venues or with larger creations. A fine description of the works and the artists involved can be found at the gallery’s website. Here I want to provide images of the works and how they appear to the viewer, accompanied by some little comments.


One Comment

  1. charleshatfield

    Great work! Love the “Fail Safe” piece, so chilling.

    Left you a comment on another (2016) post — your business card led me here!

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