BADASS Miniatures

Darren Scala (the owner of D. Thomas Miniatures) and Kate Ünver (the founder of the blog dailymini) have co-curated a show of amazing miniature art called, “BADASS MINIATURES: Causing a Little Trouble.”  Both Darren and Kate are ardent supporters of miniature artists who, as the show description explains, “create tiny art without boundaries” that can definitely be considered “defiant, quirky, and slightly uncomfortable.” It is a great show and a must-see for anyone interested in miniatures as a way to express ideas, emotions, and difficult concepts. Like all good art, it makes you look closely and when you do you will be amazed not only by the quality of the work but also the  depth of the thoughts behind every piece.

The exhibit continues until July 22 at Darren’s Yonkers, NY gallery and then some of the pieces will be exhibited at other miniature venues (see the show website for details).

Here are some views of the opening in May and also a slide show of some of the works below that.

Darren discussing some of the exhibit entries with visitors.


Corrine Tryon with her entry.


Lee Harper at her work, “A Violent & Colorful Death.”


Some of the works in the show. A full list and great photos are at the exhibit website.


  1. Janit Calvo

    Thank you for this roundup Louise! And congrats to all the artists in this exhibit. It’s great to see miniatures being used like this. Great out-of-the-box thinking. Keep up coming! ❤

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