Philadelphia Miniaturia 2018

Philadelphia Miniaturia (which is actually held in Cherry Hill, NJ) is one of the larger miniature shows. But this year, while it had many interesting vendors and artisans, it definitely seems to be shrinking with less vendors overall and now only one room of tables instead of two. So I will celebrate the vendors who caught my eye this time but I do worry about its future. Nevertheless, their were quite a few new vendors, especially those from Europe, and many of my favorite returnees.

Vendors at Philadelphia Miniaturia


I like to pick out vendors that I haven’t noticed before and this year I found a few. First up was Graffialuna (Valeria Bonomi, an IGMA artisan) who makes exquisite and perfectly scaled shoes, purses, and other accessories. She also mentioned to me that she will be teaching at an international miniature workshop in Denmark in July 2019 See more fashion accessories at the Graffialuna website.

The flowers are metal.

NutBoat Navy

Next up we have some newcomers (based near Philadelphia) who made delightful boats out of natural materials, including walnut shells. Their simple display highlighted their boat work perfectly with foam sheets simulating waves.


Kits were very popular again this year and some very good quality laser cut ones that were reasonably priced could be found at the ArtofMini booth. The furniture kits utilized a nice thin wood material and their accessory kits and other accessories were wide-ranging and unique. Their ArtofMini webshop has a wide range of 1:12th scale materials, kits, and accessories as well as smaller scales.

A one inch scale kit

prd miniatures

prd miniatures displayed excellent versions of mid-century modernist furniture created by artisan Paris Renfroe. Some of the pieces were 3D printed and the details and finishing of the surfaces were finely done. Website for prd miniatures

The Little Dollhouse Company

Although this is a booth I always stop at (they have great accessories, especially glasses and bottles), the miniature shop The Little Dollhouse Company in Toronto caught everyone’s attention with two spectacular laser cut one inch scale dollhouses modeled on two famous buildings in Spain. One was a replica of the Atmatller house in Barcelona and the other was a model of the Llopis house also in Barcelona. Enjoy their website.

Laser cutting details


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