2019 Chicago International

I finally got to go back to the Chicago International miniature event and this happened:


Yes snow, Chicago, April. But at least I was able at the last minute to get a room in the event hotel so I didn’t have to leave. Unfortunately I was only able to visit one of the three shows going on simultaneously but that was actually enough to cover in the time I had.

As with the other miniature events I cover, I usually choose some artists I have never seen before or ones whose work impresses me. Here they are for Chicago 2019.

Keenderson Miniatures had these perfectly printed 3D milk crates:

Polymer Bonsai offered colorful and fun miniature clay pots with live miniature plants. There ETSY shop is here.

Studio Nana of Japan had original designs for ceramic dishes. It was fun listening to the owner and a customer use Siri translate their conversation in English and Japanese.

Really beautiful were these boxes (disguised as books when they were closed) with butterfly and nature collections inside. All handcrafted by Megumi Fujisaka. See her on Instagram.

Nalladris had exquisite miniature jewelry. Visit their ETSY shop.

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