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GUEST BLOG: Wall by Ron Hoess

Walls In our mock up we have a number of garden walls, the most important is one that runs between the pub and the tea shop. Obviously one could make any sort of stonework one wants. For me, I wanted to capture the type of stone walls that I had seen in the Cotswolds. These […]


One Step Forward, Two Steps back…

An update on the work on my entry for the Flower Show. My original title was “Sprout’s Greenhouse: Revenge of the Mandrakes” and it was going to feature crazy little mandrakes running around wreaking havoc on the greenhouse from Harry Potter. I am still doing the greenhouse (as you will see below) but I am […]


An Albino Avocado

This is a possible plant for my 2013 display. It is an albino avocado, grown from a seed I just placed in a windowbox. These is disagreement about whether a virus, stress on the plant, or planting an immature seed causes the loss of color. If it survives, it will be a cool plant to […]