Professor Sprout

Best in Show!

“The Herbology Greenhouse at Hogwarts” just won “Best in Show” for the miniature settings at the 2013 Philadelphia Flower Show! I will have all the rest of the results soon.


Epic Failure

I always seem to have momentum in my projects and then they seem so wrong and I have to start over. That is the point I am at now. What has somewhat succeeded is my effort to make the paint in my greenhouse look old and peeling. Closeup, it looks great although further away it […]


One Step Forward, Two Steps back…

An update on the work on my entry for the Flower Show. My original title was “Sprout’s Greenhouse: Revenge of the Mandrakes” and it was going to feature crazy little mandrakes running around wreaking havoc on the greenhouse from Harry Potter. I am still doing the greenhouse (as you will see below) but I am […]