It really doesn’t get simpler than this. I have made a mockup of the scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds that I will try to recreate. My problem is that I have too many things to fit into a small space allocated to us (22 inches deep by 36 inches wide).

There’s Annie’s house:


And Annie’s garden at the side of the house:


And the playground that the birds land on:


And the schoolhouse next to the playground:


So this is what it looks like if you try to jam all those into one scene:


Clearly this will not all fit so I have to reinterpret the scene. I don’t want to cut out Annie’s house completely but maybe I can just show half of it. I can get rid of the garden gate or make it much smaller. The playground and schoolhouse have to stay fairly dominant but the schoolyard needs to be a lot bigger. The schoolhouse is just a wall on the side so that works as is. If I angle any of this I lose more space so I am tending to have things almost straight on.

Back to the setup board with a cutout of Annie’s house and its possible location as well as a picket fence that will dominate the front of the scene. I have to make my own because all the fences I have seen are off-scale.

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