Miniature History

CNN has posted a story about some miniature artists who are recreating scenes from famous photographs. I am not a fan of thinking of history only as military actions or disasters (which most but not all of these photographs document) but you can look at these dioramas and see the techniques they used to achieve great results. So while you are waiting for me to report on miniatures and the Flower and Garden Show at Disney World, check out this work:


I think this quote from one of the artists does a disservice to their work and to miniatures in general:

“All these tiny things, I think everybody likes it,” agreed Cortis. “Maybe it’s like remembering childhood when you played with little things.”

Miniatures are not about playthings. Too bad they can see that because they are doing what miniatures do best: create alternative worlds we can “enter” and experience.Anyway, they do nice work.

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